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Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital

Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital was founded in 1986 according to the national grade III, class A hospital standard. It is one of the earliest specialized hospitals since the new China was founded. After 30 years' development, Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital has become a new modern kidney disease treatment institution which involves treatment, education, research and prevention. Our hospital established the international department in 1997 with independent outpatient service, emergency section and wards.

At present, the hospital is one of the specialized kidney disease hospitals with the largest scale and the most advanced equipment in our country. Because its scale is expending gradually, after four times' relocation, now the hospital is located in No.5, Feiyi road, Shijiazhuang City, against the famous sight spot "Water Park". The total floor area of hospital covers 48 thousands square meters and the total construction area is 66 thousands square meters. The hospital is divided into A, B, C and D buildings, employs more than 1300 staff and opens 1090 sickbeds. Besides the Department of Chinese Traditional Medicine, Department of Nephrology, Department of Inspection, Dialysis Room, Color Ultrasonic Room and some other general departments, the hospital opens the corresponding laboratories targeted to 32 single kidney diseases such as Membranous Nephropathy, PKD, Hypertensive Nephropathy, SLD and so on.

Sticking to the aim of "cherishing the life care with tremendous efforts and building a harmonious hospital with relentless endeavor", our hospital adheres to the medical nature and focuses on practical results. We not only provide patients with high quality medical services, but also constantly strengthen the in-depth cooperation and communication with domestic and foreign medical institutions, medical colleges and scientific research institutions. Signing cooperative agreement with the United States Health Science Western University, Huaxia Kidney Disease Research Institute and other institutions, we build high-quality international platform for hospital's development and further enhance the advanced international service quality.

In the treatment of kidney disease, after years of exploration and practice ( mainly by traditional Chinese medicine and supplemented by western medicine treatment), our hospital formed a set of three-dimensional treatment system -immune regulate treatment system for kidney disease, which is also called " Three Unique and One Guarantee " treatment system: unique kidney disease diagnosis, unique treatment, unique immune-blocking and complete curative effect guarantee. Our hospital has a good use of "Blood Toxin Clearance Therapy by Chinese medicine" recorded in Chinese earliest medical allusions of "Yellow Emperor". Our hospital had provided high quality medical service to 176 countries' foreign patients and a hundred thousand domestic patients.

Our hospital, composed by a strong treatment team which includes more than 100 well-known nephrologists, provides patients with individualized treatment plan and implements clinical appointment and "one-stop" comprehensive services. In addition, we have invested more than 70 million to purchase the advanced equipments for medical testing and auxiliary treatment. At the same time, our hospital has achieved remarkable results and got dozens of scientific and technological achievements and patented invention.

In the course of development over the years, we have obtained outstanding achievements which all have been fully approved by the higher authorities and the communities and societies and also unanimously appraised by the domestic and foreign counterparts and the mainstream media. In addition, the news and information related to the hospital are widespread and popular on the media including China News, the People's daily online, GMW, Greatwall net, ifeng.com and Sina. Moreover, our hospital has been awarded lots of honorary titles, such as "the national honest private hospitals," "the most trusted hospital" and "the most valuable private hospital" for many years.

As an old saying goes, our hospital shoulders heavy responsibility for overstepping advance level. After going through 30-year glory days, Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital is confronting with opportunities as well as challenges of deepening the reform of medical and health system and people's increasing medical demand and service necessities. Our hospital will always adhere to the policy of "mission, benevolence and love, tenacity and innovation" and the principle of "for the sake of patients ". Our hospital is gathering the strength and intelligence to try our best to establish a characteristic medical institution which is first-class domestically and well-known internationally, thus contributing to the cause of human health and supporting the medical career.