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Creatinine is a breakdown product of creatine phosphate in muscle, and is usually produced at a fairly constant rate by the body, so it can be an indicator of kidney function. Usually, we can make a rough diagnosis according to the level of creatinine.

Creatinine 6 and Kidney Shrink What is the Treatment

Hello, doctor. My bother has one kidney since his birth. Now he is 30 years old with the problem of creatinine 6 and kidney shrink. What is the treatment? If you have any doubt about creatinine 6 or ki...read more

Can Acupuncture Stop Dialysis and Recover My Father Health in Creatinine 5

visitor 11-09 17:31:15 Hello. My father having stage 5 CKD. Having dialysis thrice a week. Can Acupuncture stops dialysis and recover my father health? Creatinine is 5. Urea is 143. Potassium always hi...read more

If Creatinine Level is 12 How Severe Is It and What Treatment Can Lower It

If creatinine level is 12, how severe is it? And what treatment can lower it? The 26 years old female also stated that I have no discomfort. But the doctor suggests dialysis, it is a must? If you have ...read more

How Do I Remove Extra Pure Creatinine Out Of My System

How do I remove extra pure creatinine out of my system? Since the patients with high creatinine level are usually ill with a great number of diseases, or even have life danger as well as the dialysis h...read more

What Can I Do When A Test Indicates That My Creatinine Level Is High

What can I do when a test indicates that my creatinine level is high? Here the article is objective to account for it. If you want to gain more details directly, please contact Online Doctor . What doe...read more

How to Control the Symptoms Appearing with High Serum Creatinine

High serum creatinine level usually means badly kidney damage and the patients in which case will have many discomforts. And then, how to control the symptoms appearing with high serum creatinine? What...read more

Is There A Separate Medicine for High Serum Creatinine and BUN

In recent days, someone asked us is there a separate medicine for high serum creatinine and BUN? Are you also puzzled by this problem? If so, please contact Online Doctor for more details. What do high...read more

How to Improve Kidney Function With Creatinine 698 by Acupuncture

How to improve kidney function with creatinine 698 by Acupuncture? If you also want to increase kidney function with high serum creatinine level, please contact Online Doctor . What if happen when seru...read more

Do You Think My Creatinine 5.9 Can Be Improved From These Antibiotics

I am a CKD patients and my creatinine level went up to 5.9 in recently days. I have UTI infection sine three weeks ago. Do I have to continue or antibiotics as I have taken it with IV? And how much tim...read more

How to Manage Serum Creatinine 8 Aside from Dialysis

Serum creatinine 8 indicates the kidney is damaged too bad to filter toxins and wastes in the blood adequately. After that, the patients will have trouble with a large amount discomforts as well as var...read more

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