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How To Promote Your Appetite After You Get Kidney Problems

2018-11-01 17:23

Why do you lose your appetite after you have kidney disease? The following i will show you the cause of loss of appetite;

1, excessive physical or mental labor:

It will cause insufficient blood supply to the stomach wall, and the stomach will secrete and feed, thus weakening the digestive function of the stomach.

2. hunger and satiety:

The stomach is often in a state of hunger, which can cause gastric mucosal damage and loss of appetite over time.

3, emotional tension and fatigue:

In today’s fast-paced and competitive society, people are prone to insomnia, anxiety and other nervousness, leading to dysfunction of gastric endocrine acids and loss of appetite.

4, overeating makes the stomach overstretch:

Food stays for too long, light causes mucosal damage, and heavy causes gastric perforation.

5, drinking and smoking:

Alcohol can damage taste buds on the tongue that specialize in taste, and alcohol can also directly damage gastric mucosa. If you suffer from canker disease and chronic gastritis, alcohol abuse will aggravate the disease and even cause perforation of stomach and duodenum. The harm of smoke to the gastric mucosa is not less than drinking, and smoking can also cause chronic gastritis.

6, cold food:

Eating raw and cold food often, especially before going to bed, can easily lead to stomach cold, nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite.

7. Drug factors:

Some chronic diseases need to be taken for a long time, and some drugs may lead to taste disorder. Sometimes it has something to do with the environment, psychological state, food processing and so on.

8. Eat too much before going to bed:

Supper is too full, will inevitably increase gastrointestinal burden, gastric juice secretion disorder, easy to cause loss of appetite.

9. In addition, it can also lead to obesity, poor sleep, stones, diabetes, etc.

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