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How To Deal With Cold For A Nephrotic Patient

When a nephrotic patient catch a cold ,how can he deal with it next? But you know, cold is not a medical word, and medical schools dont teach medical students how to treat colds.Catch a cold the runny ...read more

Some Bad Habits May Affect Your Body Condition

Many bad habits can hurt the kidney, but they have not attracted much attention. When renal failure is discovered during the examination, such questions can always be heard. Why is there no symptoms at...read more

Key Points In Daily Life For Kidney Patients

Nowadays more and more kidney patients are suffering from the kidney problem ,after accepting the timely treatment they often ignore the life tips in daily life,and that will also affect the treatment ...read more

Why Do So Many Persons Get Kidney Disease Nowadays

With the improvement of peoples life quality more and more persons have gotten the kidney disease , why does this phenomenon occur nowadays? The following we will discuss this situation from the differ...read more

These Four Kinds of Drugs Should be Avoid for Kidney Disease Patients

Kidney disease is a incurable disease that needs lifelong maintenance. Moreover, it is easy to deteriorate and it is not easy to cure. Usually, the patients will enters the uremic process without good ...read more

The 4 Kinds of Food The Kidney Disease Patients with Increased Blood Phosphorus Should Avoid

For refractory chronic diseases, the later the discovery is, the lower the chance of cure, so chronic kidney disease (CKD) is. Except for the more serious the impairment of renal function, the more imp...read more

Would Patients with High Uric Acid Refuse Bean Products

If choosing the most undeserved food in the field of nutrition rankings, bean products will be in the top 3 since it can not be eaten by the people with kidney disease, gout, pregnancy, even puberty. I...read more

3 Kind of Kidney Disease patients Need to Limit Water Intakes

At the beginning of the article, let me ask you a question: how many glasses of water do you drink every day? How many times do you go to the toilets per day? For healthy people, they do not care much ...read more

Except for Urine Routine These Indexes of Nephropathy Should Be Noted

With the popularity of the Internet, many people who focus on health preservation have started the way of online medical treatment. In recent days, a reader in the background message asked me my urine ...read more

What is the Function of Exercise for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

Life is movement. Exercise can enhance heart and lung function as well as improve immunity. It has great benefits for health people. While, what is the advantage of exercise for patients with chronic k...read more

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