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Blood Pollution Therapy

Blood Pollution Therapy is named by its featured theory that the polluted blood...More




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Blood Pollution Therapy

Blood Pollution Therapy

Blood Pollution Therapy is named by its featured theory that the polluted blood needs to cleared at first place.In order to treat kidney disease,we need to stop the progression of kidney damage.Therefore this therapy is famous for its specialty to treat kidney disease.

What Are the functions of Polluted Blood Therapy?

Blood Polluted Therapy includes three perspectives:blood purification,element supplementation and function rebuilding.

The first step:Blood Purification

Blood Purification focuses on removing stasis and clearing toxins,which can cleanse away wastes and toxins adhering to the vascular walls and the toxins deposited in blood.

The second step:elements supplementation

As kidney disease develops for a long time,the dysfunctional filtration function leads to the deposition of wastes and toxins in the blood and blood vessels.Therefore the blood is not only polluted seriously but also damaged to clot mechanism and blood forming system.The blood system is short of nutritions and needs to rebuild the function.In this step,we need to figure out the shortage of nutritions.Meanwhile Chinese medicines also provide the nutritions which blood system needs to absorb.

The third step: function rebuilding

On the foundation of the two steps,the clear blood gives a less burden on kidney thus creating a better environment for kidney's self-regeneration and self-recovery.It is a long-term process,so doctors and patients should have patience in fighting kidney disease.What's more,Chinese medicines are also providing nutritions for kidney to promote its function-rebuilding ability.

What Are the Features of Blood Pollution Therapy?

Figure out the direction

Blood Pollution Therapy is focusing on treating polluted blood at first place and then recovering kidney function.To treat blood means to treat kidney disease.

Various treatment schedules

Everybody has their own conditions and the schedule is individual and professional.The development of kidney disease is unpredictably so that we need to change our schedule flexible.

Amounts treatment methods

The following treatments are the optional in treating kidney disease.They are:
Blood purification methods
Blood activation methods
Stasis removing technology
Blood elements supplementing technology
Chinese medical technology
Western medical technology.
Original creation of brand-new technology
Blood Pollution Therapy and Blood Purification are the parter to fight against kidney disease and many successful cases are following in the clinical practice.

High quality of recovery

Blood Pollution Therapy has saved lots patient's life by restoring the hematopoiesis mechanism and coagulation mechanism.You can know more specific and vividly patient stories in our column.

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